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Superior Adhesion on Oily Surfaces and Environment-friendly. Double Sided Tape OW-5016

Offers excellent adhesion to surfaces which some oil is remaining on.

OW-5016 is a double sided tape that uses solvent-free acrylic adhesive to reduce the amount of VOC emitted. *VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds
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  • Low VOC*s double sided tape.
    * Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • This product does not use any organic solvents such as toluene, xylene or ethyl acetate, etc.
  • Offers superior adhesion to surfaces that may have oil present.
    *Depending on the type of oil and the amount of remaining on, the effect may not be worked on. Please confirm compatibility with substrates before using.
  • Suitable for bonding of various substrates together, such as of metal plates, plastics, and foam materials.
  • 6 restricted substances by RoHS are not contained.


  • Bonding of metal plates and cushioning materials in automobile interior or home appliances.
  • Bonding of plastic plates and films or cushioning materials.


180 degree peeling strength for each oily substrate

*Substrate: SUS304BA, Amount of coating oil: 5g/m2

180 degree peeling strength for each oily substrate –various aging time-

Substrate: SUS304BA, Oil type: Rust preventive oil, Amount of coating oil: 5g/m2


Structure of OW-5016

*Tape thickness is without release liner

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