Nitto is the Title Sponsor for the ATP Finals in London

Nitto is proud to be the title sponsor for the Nitto ATP Finals, the season ending finale of the ATP World Tour. This exciting event will be held in London and will feature the world’s best eight qualified singles players and doubles teams as they battle it out for the last title of the year.
Nitto prides itself in finding innovative ideas, and is excited to support an event that shares its passion for taking on challenges. Nitto believes that athletics are like its business strategy – both aim for the top their field.

Heading into its 100th anniversary, Nitto seeks to bolster its global brand through activities such as the historic ATP Finals.

【About Nitto ATP Finals】

The Nitto ATP Finals is the year-end climax to the men's professional tennis season, featuring only the world's best eight qualified singles players and doubles teams as they battle it out for the last title of the season.
Players compete for Emirates ATP Rankings points throughout the season in a bid to earn one of the eight coveted berths and a chance to win the biggest indoor tennis tournament in the world. Played using a round-robin format, each player plays three matches as they compete for a berth in the knockout semi-finals and beyond.
The prestigious tournament has been contested in major cities around the world with a rich history dating back to the birth of The Masters in 1970 in Tokyo.
Since 2000 the event has taken place in cities such as Lisbon, Sydney, and Shanghai.
In 2009 the tournament was moved to London, where it will be played through 2020.
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【About Nitto】

Nitto is a leading diversified materials manufacturer from Japan that uses technologies it has cultivated during its 100-year history to develop innovative businesses around the world. With around 30,000 employees, sales in 27 countries, about a 100 plants and offices, and total sales of around 8 billion dollars, Nitto is active on a global scale.

Based on our core technologies, we provide more than 13,500 diversified materials in more than 70 industries, such as electronics, transportation, infrastructure, environment, and life science.

With a view to helping reduce social costs and environmental impact costs, which is indispensable for sustainable economic growth, in recent years, we have expanded into new business regions, including “Green, Clean, and Fine” (environment, new energy, and life science) business markets.

In addition to carving out new businesses, it is necessary to increase the speed of our globalization. We are aiming to expand our business with the dual strategies of Global Niche Top™ and Area Niche Top™(*), taking full advantage of the flexibility to develop in any market or area in the world.

Celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2018, Nitto will continue to grow globally with new ideas in response to customers’ needs based on our brand slogan “Innovation for Customers.”

*Global Niche Top and Area Niche Top are trademarks of Nitto.

【New Promotion Movie “Behind Smiles (London Production)" 】

Changing the world from unseen places.
There is a hidden presence supporting comfortable and healthy lifestyles from unseen places. Our new television commercial focuses on the Nitto technology and products behind peoples’ smiles.
Set to music and the theme of a tennis rally, watch as the Nitto mark reveals itself in multiple scenes and locations across the city. The footage was shot entirely in London, the host city of the Nitto ATP Finals, and is presented in a visually diverse, rhythmic style.
Beginning with our title sponsorship of the Nitto ATP Finals, keep an eye out as Nitto begins many new initiatives to strengthen our global brand.

【Behind Smiles for your tomorrow contributed by BBC Story works】

A short story of a woman who works positively while to cherish her time with her family and her own health. While on a business trip, Nitto's technology and products surrounding her busy work time support her healthy and contented life. We support society through innovation in every scene of our daily life. Please see the "Smiles" produced by Nitto.

This film was first published as an advertisement feature on and was created by BBC StoryWorks, BBC Advertising’s commercial content team, on behalf of Nitto Denko Corporation.

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