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Message from the President

Mr.Hideo Takasaki

Since our foundation in 1918, the Nitto Group has swiftly identified market needs and based on our key technologies, such as adhesives and coating, we have conducted business globally across various industries including electronics, automotive, housing, infrastructure, environmental, and medical. 

In recent years, we have dedicated ourselves to minimizing our environmental impact and reducing various “social costs” around the world, for example, creating products which reduce medical costs for the aging populations of developed countries. These are both indispensable to maintaining sustainable economic growth. Therefore, we will continue to expand into new “Green, Clean, and Fine” (environmental, new energy, and life sciences) business domains, create Area Niche Top™ (ANT) products* in China, India, Brazil and other emerging economies, and develop new businesses and themes.  

Creating these new businesses is crucial to accelerating our globalization efforts. For example, adhesive tapes, one of our main businesses, has the advantage of being able to move freely across any market or area in the world. By leveraging that advantage, we will further expand our business globally through our Global Niche Top™ and Area Niche Top™ strategies. 

In 2018, the Nitto Group will celebrate the 100th anniversary of our foundation. Proclaiming “Innovation for Customers” as our brand slogan, we aim to become a one hundred-year-old company that continues to grow globally and creates value for our customers with new ideas. 

*ANT products are products geared to an area’s distinctive needs and gain the top market share in that area.


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