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Press Release 2021


Regarding case of COVID-19 Infection at Our Plant

It has been confirmed through PCR testing that an employee working at our Toyohashi Plant (location: Toyohashi City, Aichi) has been tested positive for COVID-19 as of January 9th.

Given the test result, in cooperation with the health center with jurisdiction, we have implemented the following responses to place the utmost priority on preventing infection inside and outside the company as well as ensuring the safety of employees.

-No one has been confirmed to be close contacts however, based on the activity history of the infected, those contacts have been requested to stay at home and their health conditions are being monitored.
- Target buildings where the employee works, and co-working spaces of possible contacts are disinfected.

We regret the concern this may cause to our customers, suppliers, those living in the area, and any other parties involved. We will work in cooperation with the related departments to prevent new cases of infection and further spread of the virus, placing the utmost priority on the health and safety of all employees and parties involved.

We kindly ask for the understanding of all parties involved.

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