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Adhesive Roll Cleaner with Moderate Adhesive Strength for Removing Particles from Various Surfaces ELEP CLEANER™ P/F/SDR

Catches particles with a simple roll of the cleaner.



  • A roll of adhesive film with its adhesive side rolled outwards.
  • Catches particles produced in the manufacturing process through high dust cleaning function with moderate adhesive strength and cushioning properties. (P2500 has no cushions)
  • Compared to a flat adhesive, material adhesion is weaker, thus making the cleaner roll smoothly. (ELEP-F)
  • Very low contamination due to the silicon-free structure of the tape.
  • The large surface area to catch particles increases collection capacity. (ELEP-F)

Super-cleaning mechanism




  • *Removal of blue ink (toner ink for a copier) on the sandpaper (No.240).



Product No.F4000F1000F500ⅠF200F100SDR10P2500
Max width [mm]65055060080 160
Length [m]101010 20
Adhesive strength[N/25mm]*3.921.570.500.240.040.402.25


  • Please contact us for other size.
  • *Measured by peeling in a 180°direction at a speed of 300mm/min at 23℃ on stainless steel

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