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Adhesive Laminated Air Purification Mat NITOCLEAN®

Removes dusts and dirt on the shoes simply by walking on it.

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  • [Excellent dust prevention] Just by walking on the mat, adhesive agent securely captures dusts and dirt on the shoes. Adhesive films will not roll up or peel when carts pass through.
  • [Peel-off type] As multiple numbers of adhesive tapes are laminated on, it can be peeled off and thrown away whenever the top sheet gets dirty. Peeled off films are combustible.


  • Semi-conductor and computer ipment factories
  • Chemicals and cosmetics factories
  • Food processing factories
  • Precision machinery factories
  • Research laboratories and inspecting rooms。
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Film development lab

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Business Hours(Japan time)
9:00-17:30(Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)
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