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Ultra-thin, High-recovery Gasket Sealing Foam SCF™

Flexible thin foam that is easy to work with can be used for clearances as small as 100μm.



SCF Selection Tool will assist in choosing the proper product.

SCF Selection Tool

  • Superior compression and mounting properties enable foam to fit in tiny clearances.
  • Superior ability to follow curves and uneven shapes enables foam to be used for new designs.
  • Enables fine width and thin layer processing, so the foam is applicable to complicated shapes.
  • High impact absorption.
  • Excellent dust-proofing
  • Clean; minimizes contamination to LCDs and other parts.
  • Free from any environmental load substances and also from impurities that could contaminate the equipment.
  • The chassis does not deform after installation because the compressive load (stress) is small.
  • Superior conformity to uneven and curved surfaces.


Product No. Thickness [mm] Color
SCF100 0.5~1.0 Black
SCF200 0.5~1.5
SCF400 0.3/0.4
P1500 0.3~1.5
SCF406PS 0.23
SCF400T 0.2
SCF400TT 0.15
SCF600 0.5~1.0
  • *Tape thickness is available in 0.1mm.
  • *Double-coated adhesive tape is also available.
  • *P1500 is the successor of P100UL and P200UL and has flame retardant properties. 



General Properties

Product No. Density [g/cm3] 50% Compression [N/cm2] Breaking strength [MPa] Breaking extension [%] Flame retardancy
SCF100 0.040 1.4 1.0 210 -
SCF200 0.030 2.4 0.93 167 -
SCF400 0.040 1.4 1.18 130 -
P1500 0.070 4.6 0.77 84 UL-94 HF1 (Non-Halogen)
SCF406PS 0.040 1.4 - - -
SCF400T 0.060 1.6 1.4 160 -
SCF400TT 0.10 1.8 1.9 180 -
SCF600 0.050 1.0 1.09 141 -
  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


[Test Method]  

  • Compression Speed :10mm/min
  • Compression Ratio(%)= Precompression thickness - Postcompression thickness / Precompression thickness X 100


  • Dustproofing and cushioning around speakers and microphones.
  • Soundproofing of clearances around motors.
  • Dustproofing and cushioning around LCDs.


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