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Optical Property Evaluation Technology

Optical film essential for LCDs

Polarizing films are normally used in front of and behind LCDs. If two polarizing films are placed one on top of the other in parallel then the screen of the LCD will be at its brightest. If, however, they are placed on top of and perpendicular to each other, then the screen will look as though it is black. Therefore, the optical characteristics of LCDs, such as brightness and contrast, are greatly influenced by the properties of polarizing films.


Basic LCD Structure and Polarizing Film Function

Viewing Angle Characteristic Evaluation

Retardation film compensates for the phase difference that occurs when light passes through an LCD panel. Utilizing this film makes it possible to produce LCDs with screens that can be seen equally clearly whether viewed from the front or from an oblique angle. By using technology that is able to precisely evaluate viewing angle characteristics (phase difference, principal axis and transmission rate) it is possible to design retardation films with optimized phase difference, and new functions to suit various kinds of LCDs.

Measuring viewing angle characteristics from various angles using a sensor
Evaluation methods and examples for retarder viewing angle properties

Evaluation methods and examples for retarder viewing angle properties

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