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Controlled Release Technology

In the field of transdermal pharmaceutics, it is important to maintain a stable blood concentration over the long term. Nitto Denko adopts a unique crystal reservoir system to control the release of the drug from the adhesive layer.

Crystal Reservoir System

Co-present inside the adhesive layer are drug crystals dispersed in uniformity with the dissolved drug molecules. When the tape is applied to the skin, the drug molecules dissolved within the adhesive layer are transferred to the skin. In order to top up the diminished level of drug molecules in the adhesive layer, dissolution of the substance from the crystals takes place, maintaining a constant concentration of the dissolved drug substance in the adhesive layer. With the crystal acting thus as a drug reservoir, the concentration of the drug dissolved in the adhesive layer is maintained constant over the long term, providing sustained release from the adhesive layer to the skin.
At Nitto Denko, this system is known as the crystal reservoir system. The adoption of this crystal reservoir system has made it possible to realize long-term sustained drug release and a thinner adhesive layer.
control diffusion chart
control diffusion chart

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