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Polymer Blend / Polymer Alloy Technologies

Polymer blend and polymer alloy technologies enable two or more polymers to be combined using the physical and chemical mutual interactions of the polymers to realize new properties and levels of performance that were not possible with the individual polymers themselves.
At Nitto Denko we use polymer blend and polymer alloy technologies in the manufacture and development of film substrates, adhesive tape and a range of functional materials with various properties.

Manufacture of Ion Conducting Membrane using Graft Polymerization

In the same way as with a grafted tree, graft polymerization is used to graft a branch polymer into a main polymer making it is possible to combine the functions possessed by both polymers or to create novel functions.
At Nitto Denko, by grafting an acrylic monomer into a hydrophobic polyethylene film we provided it with hydrophilic properties. The starting point for graft polymerization is to irradiate polyethylene film with an electron beam in order to produce radicals. Graft polymerization is then carried out. By controlling graft polymerization conditions it is possible to manufacture an even ion conducting membrane.
This graft polymerization ion conducting membrane is used in silver oxide battery separators.


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