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Substrate Design Technology

In adhesive tapes, the film onto which the adhesive is applied is referred to as the "substrate" or the "backing".
The substrate plays an important role in realizing the functions required in an adhesive tape, as well as enhancing its strength. Therefore, there are many different kinds and substrate design technology plays an important role in the overall development of adhesive tape.
In packaging applications, adhesive is used, for example, with paper as a substrate when the ability to rip the tape by hand is a priority, while in electrical applications where the emphasis is on insulation and transparency, polyester film is used. Polyimide is used when heat resistance is required, such as in solder masking, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film is used when abrasion-resistance and smoothness are required for heat-sealing applications. In surface protection films where flexibility is a major requirement, polyolefin film is used. As metal foil is conductive it is suitable for use in connecting various items and foam is used for sealing mobile phones.
Polyolefin film where undulations have been formed on the surface is an example of a substrate that is not only strong, but that can also be ripped by hand, making it suitable for construction applications.
Surface protection film used to protect metal sheets during the deep-draw molding of items such as sink benches and to make them slippery is an example of substrate design that utilizes the properties of this film.
Dicing tape for silicon wafers is an example of substrate design that in this case utilizes the stretching property of plastic film. After dicing, although the dicing tape used to secure the chip during pickup is stretched it is designed to be able to withstand this pressure.
A special polyolefin film is used in protective films for automobile coatings, which must follow the contours of the vehicle and be able to withstand exposure to sunlight.
In recent years, the use of transparent plastic film as a protective film for the displays of mobile phones and LCD TVs has become widespread.
At Nitto Denko, we use substrate design technology to realize a wide range of functions that can then be utilized in our adhesive tapes.

Main Substrate Currently in Use

Craft paper, Japanese paper, crepe paper
Rayon (staple fiber) cloth, cotton cloth, acetate cloth, PE/PP blend
Cellophane, PVC, PE, OPP, PET, PTFE, PI, PC, PS
Polyurethane, PE, butyl rubber
Metal foil
Aluminum, copper
Rubber sheet
Natural rubber, SBR, butyl rubber

Examples of Adhesive Tapes that Utilize the Shape and Properties of the Substrate
Surface protection film that can used in deep-draw molding

Surface protection film that can used in deep-draw molding

Stretchable plastic film

Stretchable plastic film

Polyolefin is used in automotive applications where high levels of weather-resistance are required

Polyolefin is used in automotive applications where high levels of weather-resistance are required

Transparent plastic films

Protecting LCD panels with adhesive transparent plastic films

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