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R&D Strategy and Policy

A message to our stakeholders

For years, we've been performing business activities centered around an action policy based on our "three new activities" and "Global Niche Top™ strategies," which ultimately comes from customer contact, one aspect of corporate culture. As a result, we've grown to exist as a peripherally diverse company, or "joint venture aggregate," by conducting business earnestly while receiving guidance from numerous voices of mainly our customers. By taking advantage of such special characteristics and strengths, we will strive to become an essential company to all of our stakeholders into the future.

Corporate R&D strategy

Our Business Division R&D Center and Corporate R&D Center work together as one to perform research and development activities with a goal of growing existing business fields, and creating future value. The mission of our Business Division R&D Center is to quickly create products and services that offer new functions to satisfy our customers. Our Corporate R&D Center works to create value that can be offered to all types of customers, by developing basic technologies such as product function design, evaluation analysis, and materials offering new functions. In order for us to continue existing as a sustainable business, it is essential to create continuous new projects. One more mission of Corporate R&D is to generate large-scale new projects. We strive for project-creating R&D, performing groundbreaking , innovative technological development, while continuously working to build basic technologies.
R&D system

Global R&D structure

Nitto’s R&D is executed by each area’s leadership in 4 Global R&D centers in Japan, US, East Asia and South Asia.
R&D global structure

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