Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201810increased by 35.8% to 125,722 million yen, income before income taxes increased by 37.5% to 126,168 million yen, net income increased by 37.3% to 87,463 million yen, and net income attributable to owners of the parent company increased by 37.7% to 87,377 million yen.In accordance with the basic dividend policy, it has been decided to pay 80 yen per share for the year-end dividend, which remains unchanged from the interim dividend, making the full-year total 160 yen per share, which is an increase of 10 yen from the previous year. We plan to pay a full-year dividend of 180 yen per share for the next scal year, after taking into account earnings forecasts, capital expenditure plans, and other factors.The global economy is expected to sustain its growth in scal 2018. We are thus hoping to achieve revenue of 860,000 million yen and operating income of 135,000 million yen for the year ending March 31, 2019 by accomplishing our tasks in each business without fail while paying careful attention to protectionist policies and rapid changes in nancial markets. Mid-Term Management Plan “Jitsugen*-2020”In order for us to realize a further leap forward, the Nitto Group has drawn up the new Mid-Term Management Plan “Jitsugen*-2020,” which will guide us through the three years ending March 31, 2021.*The plan is named after our goal of consistent “realization” (jitsugen) of our mid-term corporate strategies and performance goals.Propelling of Growth StrategiesAfter our strong performance in scal 2017, it is still essential that we constantly evolve our business portfolio and continue to offer high values to the market if we are to ensure consistent business growth. Accordingly, for “Jitsugen-2020” we deliberately chose the three domains of Fiscal 2017(Results)Fiscal 2018Fiscal 2020Fiscal 2019100th AnniversaryNitto-New CenturyESG, R&D, Monozukuri, IP, IT, HR, brandingReinforcement ofbusiness foundationsCapex: 210.0 billion yen, Strategic investment: 190.0 billion yenResource allocation: 400.0 billion yenNew product creation, structural reform, ANT creationPropelling of growth strategies125.7 bln yenOperatingincome135.0 bln yenOperatingincome175.0 bln yenOperatingincome856.3 bln yenRevenue860.0 bln yenRevenue1 trillion yenRevenueIn anticipation of major environmental changes in society and industry, we aim for realization ( jitsugen) of new business creation and growth.• Mid-Term Management Plan “Jitsugen-2020”

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