Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201811Top Message“information interface,” “next-generation mobility,” and “life science.” These three domains are destined to grow, but are also liable to change very suddenly. Such being the case, we will focus on the creation of new businesses in these domains via proactive convergences of technologies, knowledge, and knowhow from both inside and outside of the company. In addition, we will reinforce the fundamentals of our existing businesses through structural reform.• Information InterfaceAs an advanced information age underpinned by high-speed, high-volume telecommunications looms before our eyes, the Nitto Group has entered the market for plastic optical cables, which are well-suited for short-distance communications. Possible applications include 8K-resolution image data transmission, telemedicine services, data centers, and automobiles, which are increasingly incorporating electronics.Meanwhile, displays for smartphones and other devices have begun shifting from liquid crystal displays (LCDs) to organic electroluminescence displays (OLED). Although OLEDs use just one polarizing lm rather than two, they employ many other materials created by the Nitto Group, including lms for touch sensors. In tandem with the anticipated evolution of exible displays for wearable terminals and other devices, we are working closely with our customers to develop new products by tapping into our unique strength of total design capability.• Next-Generation MobilityThe development of electric vehicles (EVs) and self-driving technology has brought with it a major turning point in the auto industry, which is expected to boost demands for car electronics products. Among such products from the Nitto Group is a visible light-blocking material for head-up displays (HUDs). Used to counteract sunlight concentration on HUDs, there should be an even greater need for this product as such displays become increasingly larger in size. Other products under development include those for enhancing the performance and safety of electric motors and those for transportation equipment other than automobiles.• Life ScienceComprising the two main pillars of contract manufacturing Allocating management resources to the three strategic domains to advance the business portfolioNext-Generation MobilityInformation InterfaceLife ScienceSmart devicesEVs, self-driving carsOligonucleotide medicinesIndustrial tapeConsumer goodsNewbusinessesOptronicsIntellectualpropertyalliancesMembranesMedicalConvergence• Strategic Domains in the Nitto-New Century

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