Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201814Movimento Po Ke Te Na Shi Não andar com as Mãos nos Bolsos Não andar falando ou manejando Celulares e Smartphones Subir e descer escadas Usando o Corrimão Caminhar pelo local determinado sem cruzar as Faixas em Diagonal Praticar o Yubisashi Kosho nos pontos determinados Regras para pedestres na fábrica Po KeTe Na Shi Work-Related Accidents in FY2017Thanks to our proactive safety activities to reduce risks associated with equipment and production processes, we have until recently been able to reduce accidents in which employees are crushed or cut by machinery.In scal 2017, however, we had the largest number of critical accidents within the past ve years, and we were unable to prevent the occurrence of critical accidents and serious accidents that might lead to such accidents. The number of accidents due to impacts and falling increased, accounting for 50% of all critical and serious accidents that occurred. With regard to impacts, the majority of the accidents involved vehicles, one of which was a tragic trafc accident within one of Nitto’s plants that resulted in the death of someone from outside of the Nitto Group. In response to the sudden increase in the number of accidents due to falling, we acted promptly to implement safety measures and help workers to raise their safety awareness.Initiatives in FY2017Traffic SafetyIn response to the surge in the number of critical/serious accidents involving vehicles, we carefully identied related risks and introduced trafc safety measures to our plants. One such measure is to oblige all Nitto Group sites to establish pedestrian walkways to separate pedestrian trafc from vehicle trafc. We also reviewed forklift operations and specications, as well as the specications and driving rules of staff parking areas, and invited all employees of the Group to join “kuruma-za” face-to-face discussions held at each site to remind them of the importance of trafc safety.In addition, we continued to promote the “Po Ke Te Na Shi Activity” not only to ensure trafc safety, but also to prevent any form of disaster. Posters prepared in different languages are displayed at all Nitto Group sites to involve everyone in this educational campaign.Safety TrainingSo far, we have provided experience-based safety training through simulations in Japan, East Asia, South Asia, and elsewhere. Following a pilot study in scal 2017, we are introducing in steps a hazard perception training using virtual reality head-mounted displays in order to eradicate accidents caused by falling, which have increased in recent years. The training provides employees with the experience of falling, which can be difcult to simulate, and thereby helps to prevent such accidents by raising their safety awareness.As in the previous year, we organized a safety session for our management to which we invited a visiting lecturer. We also conducted workshops for those on the management level at a total of 51 sites across the globe in order to enhance their understanding of safety.Going forward, we at the Nitto Group will establish a new safety fund with a view toward achieving zero accidents and injuries by implementing more effective safety measures and raising safety awareness among our employees. Also, under the conviction that employees’ good health can enhance occupational safety, we will assist them in maintaining and improving their health by reminding them of the importance of good health through a variety of events and other activities.0102030405060050100150200250300Number of critical/serious accidents*Number of all accidents*20172013201420162015(FY)1423311713Critical accidents: Accidents resulting in death or permanent disability Serious accidents: Accidents that could develop into critical accidentsAll accidents: Critical, serious, and general accidents*Including Nitto Group employees, contractors’ employees, and all others working on the premises of Nitto Group’s sites020406080100(%)2017201420162015(FY)OthersBurnsFallingImpactsChemical injuriesCuttingDrawing-inCrushingThe Nitto Group shares the value of “placing safety before everything else” and we engage in our daily business undertakings with this in mind.We believe that it is possible to achieve our goal of zero accidents and injuries if all members of the Group unite together to create workplace environments where everyone can work in good health without anxiety.• Breakdown of critical/serious accidents by causePedestrian walkway (right)Safety“CHIPS”CampaignCHSIPDon’t “Point Call”“CHIPS” is the Americas area original word, alternative word of “poketenashi” in Japan. 行走时 禁止使用手机 上下楼梯时 必须使用扶手 按规定线路行走 禁止斜穿过路 穿过指定场所时 必须手指口呼 Po Ke Te Na Shi 运动 行走时 禁止手插口袋 据点内行走有关规则的贯彻活动 “”Adhere to Walking Rule Within Premise“Po Ke Te Na Shi Activity” posters in various languagesOccupational Safety and HealthESG Issue 1

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