Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201816Compliance and Human Rights Enlightenment ActivitiesESG Issue 3Deepening Our Understanding of ComplianceWe distribute the Nitto Group Business Conduct Guidelines, which are available in 16 different languages, to all of our employees who have various cultures, customs, and nationalities, and oblige all of them to receive training on the Guidelines as a part of our new employee orientation. Compliance is also one of the topics covered at CSR workshops for directors and management-level employees, and participants are encouraged not to stop at merely practicing compliance, but also to play an active role in monitoring and preventing injustice. In scal 2017, a total of 149 workshops were held in 20 countries, during which 2,368 attendees deepened their understanding of such topics as power harassment and injustice (organized crime) through case studies and group discussions.Also, we ask our business partners to thoroughly observe compliance in the CSR-Based Procurement Guidelines. Starting from scal 2017, we began checking in advance whether our new suppliers are CSR conscious.Corporate Ethics Whistle-Blowing System To facilitate early detection of legal violations and ethical issues and ensure instantaneous action against them, we have established a whistle-blowing system that allows employees to directly contact our CSR department. Contact information is provided in the Nitto Group Business Conduct Guidelines. All employees of the Group may avail themselves of this service if they nd it difcult to consult with their superiors or the relevant departments at their respective Group companies. We also establish independent reporting systems in countries and regions in order to protect whistleblowers and respond to their reports appropriately.Also available is the Partner Hotline, which our business partners may use to seek consultation on cases of noncompliance or suspected noncompliance involving transactions with the Nitto Group.In scal 2017, there were no issues concerning duty of disclosure under the Commercial Code of Japan. However, we did receive 12 reports concerning labor disputes, human rights violations, and dishonesty through this system. We have settled these issues after carefully interviewing the parties involved, while also ensuring the protection of all whistleblowers.Ban on Child Labor and Forced LaborThe Nitto Group clearly states its ban on child labor and forced labor in its Business Conduct Guidelines and has it thoroughly implemented among all Group companies. We also ask our business partners to comply with this policy in the CSR-Based Procurement Guidelines and ensure that there are no issues with child labor or forced labor during preliminary checks with new suppliers, which we began in scal 2017.Human Rights Enlightenment ActivitiesEndorsing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Nitto Group has established its own Basic Policy on Human Rights. Twice annually, at the beginning of each new scal year and on Human Rights Day, a message from the Chairman of the Nitto Group Central Human Rights Enlightenment Committee reminds the entire Group to protect human rights.In Japan, those in charge of human rights enlightenment at each plant/ofce and Group company take the lead in helping all employees to deepen their understanding of human rights. In scal 2017, training sessions on harassment, which included viewing of an informative DVD, were given.At Group companies outside of Japan, similar programs are offered to address the human rights issues unique to each country and region.Recent years have seen one famous company after another becoming embroiled in scandals. For organizations to prevent such disgraceful incidents from recurring, they must remain alert to signs of injustice and nip them in the bud.The Nitto Group takes a strong stance to ensure that each and every one of our members engages in compliance and never overlooks even the smallest suspicious point to eradicate the source of any problem.CSR workshop in the Philippines

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