Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201817Employment and Development of Human ResourcesESG Issue 4East AsiaEmployeesNon-Japanese executive ofcers Total 20Men 46%Women 54%ManagersMen 75%Women 25%Minimum wagesShanghai 1Nitto Group 1.4AmericasEmployeesNon-Japanese executive ofcers Total 11Men 58%Women 42%ManagersMen 70%Women 30%Minimum wagesNew Jersey 1Nitto Group 1.6Europe*EmployeesNon-Japanese executive ofcers Total 32Men 77%Women 23%ManagersMen 90%Women 10%JapanEmployeesNon-Japanese executive ofcers Total 3Men 81%Women 19%ManagersMen 96%Women 4%Entire GroupEmployeesNon-Japanese executive ofcers Total 72Men 58%Women 42%ManagersMen 85%Women 15%South AsiaEmployeesNon-Japanese executive ofcers Total 6Men 35%Women 65%ManagersMen 65%Women 35%Minimum wagesChonburi, Thailand 1Nitto Group 1Minimum wagesToyohashi 1Nitto Group 1.2• Employees: Gender ratio as of March 31, 2018    • Managers: Gender ratio as of April 1, 2018     • Non-Japanese executive ofcers: Number of non-Japanese executive ofcers (including concurrent post) as of April 1, 2018   • Minimum wages: Comparison of legal minimum wages in major cities where Group companies are located * In Europe, there is no comparable data, as benchmarks and attitudes differ to those in Japan. That notwithstanding, we provide equal-opportunity employment with fair remuneration in accordance with an employee’s business experience, personal attributes and the location.• Employment Data of the Nitto GroupDiversityThe Nitto Group employs approximately 30,000 people across the globe, who bring diversity to the Group in terms of nationality, cultural background, gender, age, and employment type. With a view toward cultivating Nitto Persons who contribute to the organization as they develop themselves, creating new values that help us to apply diverse perspectives to business management, and enhancing productivity through work style reform, we provide a work environment in which each and every employee feels satised with what they do and is given equal opportunities to play an active role.Our priorities in this regard are to “achieve work-life balance” and “support diverse human resources in playing an active role.” As such, we also empower women to pursue their desired careers. Within the Nitto Group, the percentage of women in management is on the rise in both Japan and Europe. At Nitto (non-consolidated), the ratio was 4.13% at the end of scal 2017, having met its target of 4% one year early. With regard to our employment of individuals with disabilities, most of whom are on the payroll of Nitto Denko Himawari Group companies established at major sites in Japan, the Nitto Group in Japan maintained its percentage of such employees at 2.89% at the end of scal 2017, staying true to the concept of “contributing to society by realizing a company in which independence-oriented individuals with disabilities and elderly individuals who understand them can work together and take on the challenge of reaching their own limitless possibilities through their work.”In order to achieve a good work-life balance, Nitto Denko Corporation drew up a Welfare Master Plan (mid-term plan) that embodies “work style reform.”OthersAt the Nitto Group, we adopt the motto of “open, fair, and best” in every personnel-related matter, including recruitment, assignment, evaluation, and training. In addition to strictly following the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of Japan, we make it a rule to treat people in a fair and equitable manner and manage their working The Nitto Group considers human resources to be our most valuable assets. In order for us to sustain our growth in the global market and make new innovations as we move into the Nitto-New Century, we are developing measures aimed at cultivating our human resources, including the creation of a work environment in which employees are encouraged to continue taking on challenges and nd it easy to advance their careers.

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