Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201818hours properly in accordance with the labor laws of their respective countries and regions.We place top priority on the maintenance of employees’ safety and health and allocate full-time health staff members to our main sites to strengthen measures designed to promote their health.Human Resource DevelopmentToday’s business environment is changing so rapidly that we cannot hope to recruit people who will help us to retain our competitive advantage if we continue to provide only conventional routine training. In order to build an organization exible enough to respond to changes and sustain business growth amid the erce competition, we are taking multifaceted approaches toward “talent management,” in which we focus on diverse “individuals” to discover and unleash their talents.More specically, we individually interview employees who are in important phases of their careers, namely, those who have recently joined the company, play a central role in day-to-day operations, have just been promoted, and so forth, in order to keep abreast of what is happening in the lives of those individuals and in the organization as a whole. To assist these individuals in developing their competency, we offer a wide range of training opportunities tailored for each job function, such as sales and production engineering, and let them freely choose their own training programs so that we can better cater to their individual needs. In addition to such training opportunities, we will expedite our efforts to foster a workplace environment and culture in which the entire workplace serves as a vehicle for cultivating human resources.On the occasion of the centennial anniversary of Nitto’s foundation, the Nitto Global Business Academy (NGBA, launched in 2011 to foster future senior executives) will drive the Nitto Group forward in the area of new business creation and transform itself into a program that better caters to practical needs as a vehicle to cultivate human resources who will form Nitto’s future identity.• Number of NGBA participants in scal 2017CoursePurposeNumber of participantsNation of originNGBA-ECultivating next senior executives6Belgium, China, Korea and JapanNGBA-ACultivating next regional/business leaders15U.S.A., Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Turkey, France and JapanNGBA-FCultivating next-generation leaders10Japan (not held in other regions in scal 2017)• Training SystemNew employeesGeneral-level employeesManagement-level employeesManagement literacyCorporate Philosophy trainingJob-function-specic trainingDivision ADivision BObjective-specic trainingNew employeesGeneral-level employeesManagement-level employeesDirectorsGrade-level trainingSelected group trainingExternalInternalLeadership, language, etc.Safety and health training, language training, etc.Corporate Philosophy workshopCultivation of direct reportsCSR workshopDirector candidate trainingNGBA-EDirector trainingLeadership trainingThink tankManagement-level employee trainingNGBA-AMid-career employee trainingNGBA-FNew employee trainingOverseas transferee / trainee trainingFinance, logical thinkingTechnical trainingBasic trainingTechnical training

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