Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 2018212017ConvergenceFeatureInnovations to Shape the Next GenerationAs progress in IoT, AI, and other emerging technologies accelerates, the society and market environment that we find ourselves in are undergoing major transformations. Identifying the opportunities presented by such changes, we at the Nitto Group strive to create new value through the convergence of technology, business, people, and business domains, which allows us to quickly perceive social needs and offer solutions to various issues.Entering the Plastic Optical Cable BusinessOligonucleotide BusinessThe spread of IoT and the commercialization of 8K broadcasting have made it imperative to realize next-generation, high-speed, large-capacity communications.In October 2017, we established an Optical Cable Joint Research Center together with Keio University. By fusing the photonics polymer technology accumulated over many years by Keio University with the extrusion technology of the Nitto Group, we are now jointly developing new plastic optical bers that are Genes, the blueprints of life, are made up of oligonucleotides such as DNA and RNA. Oligonucleotide medicines are made by connecting several dozen DNA and RNA strands and are being hailed as next-generation pharmaceuticals, since they are expected to be effective against difcult-to-cure cancers and other intractable diseases.NittoPhase®, a carrier for oligonucleotide synthesis, is indispensable for the production of such medicines because its porous polymer beads facilitate high-yield synthesis of highly pure oligonucleotides. This product was originally derived from particles for diagnostic agents, which were developed by combining the Nitto Group’s proprietary technologies in adhesive and polymer design.This oligonucleotide synthesis carrier opened the door to a new market, and now Nitto offers one-stop support for creation of oligonucleotide medicines, covering everything from contract manufacturing of oligonucleotides for use in preclinical studies, clinical studies, and commercial production to analysis and aseptic ll & nish services.FineDNACarrier(polymer bead)OligonucleotidesCuttingpolymer beadsOligonucleotide medicines• Synthesis of oligonucleotides using NittoPhase®exible, light, heat-resistant, and low-noise.Also, by combining optical bers with optoelectronic hybrid boards, which were born from the fusion of electrical boards and light guides, we are able to produce thinner, ner, and more compact optical cables. Our goal is to begin mass-producing this innovative product at an early date for a diverse range of applications, including 8K TVs, data centers, medical equipment, and autonomous cars.Photonics polymer technologyPlasticoptical bersKeioUniversityExtrusion technologyNittoElectrical boardsOptoelectronichybrid boardsNittoLight guidesNittoAdhesivepolymerizationtechnologyPrecision particlesynthesizingtechnologyProposals for the Future!In this chapter, we introduce our new products and services, and those we aim to commercialize, as well as our existing products and services.Products and services in new domains that Nitto is putting emphasis onProducts and services which we aim to commercialize.CleanGreenFineProposals for the Future!

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