Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201822Wireless Charging of Hearing InstrumentsRepositionable TapeNitto teamed up with RION Co., Ltd. to jointly develop a wireless charging system for hearing instruments.Typically, hearing aids use zinc-air batteries* or rechargeable batteries, but the former must be replaced regularly, while the latter need to be charged daily. Both of these battery types can be used with this brand new charging system. Even if the hearing instrument’s rechargeable battery loses its charge, it can be replaced with a zinc-air battery, thus making it possible to immediately start using it again. By making use of the Nitto Group’s proprietary technologies for printed circuits, including high-precision wiring and high-density mounting, as well as technology for manufacturing resin sheets, we have been able to downsize rechargeable batteries without compromising their performance.Repositionable tape is a double-coated tape ideal for wallpaper. Special resin applied in a stripe pattern to the adhesive face allows the tape to be adjusted by sliding. The tape can be pressed down once it is in the appropriate position. A special resin penetrates the adhesive layer for tight adhesion to substrates, and the smoothness of the resin, processing FineFurther adding to user convenience is the newly developed wireless charging system, which can be used by simply placing the hearing instrument on the adapter. This product is scheduled for launch in the summer of for striped-convex application, and adhesive strength make it possible for the tape to glide on smoothly and adhere securely.To secure convex lines on the adhesive face, a high-cushioning foam is used as a release liner.Technologies for printed circuitsTechnologies for manufacturing resin sheetsInsulationFormationHigh-precisionwiringHigh-densitymountingLithium ionbatteryWireless feedmoduleRechargeablebattery packRed frame:Developedby NittoZinc-air battery(disposable)Convertible(same size)Special resinStriped coatingFoam (release liner)SpecialresinAdhesive layerSubstrateSlide into the appropriatepositionPress with handsfor secure adhesionThe hearing instrument can be set in any direction when charging.*Zinc-air batteries: Batteries that generate electricity by using oxygen in the air. Such batteries last longer than dry batteries.

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