Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 2018232017ConvergenceFeatureNitto’s Products Used in Organic EL DisplaysTechnical Partnership with Hangzhou Jinjiang Group, etc. for Large-Scale Polarizing FilmsDisplays using naturally light-emitting organic electroluminescent (EL) materials do not require backlighting, and thus can be made extremely thin. In addition to TVs and smartphones, which already incorporate such displays, these materials are expected to be applied to exible (bendable) displays, electronic paper, Nitto entered into a technical partnership contract with Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Company Ltd. and its afliated companies to help them to meet the increasing demand in China for large-scale and lighting equipment.Like liquid crystal displays (LCDs), a variety of the Nitto Group’s products are used in organic EL displays, including not only information ne materials, but also functional base products for xing and protecting materials within the displays.polarizing lms used in LCD TVs. Through this partnership, Nitto will assist the Hangzhou Jinjiang Group in introducing one of the world’s largest front-end polarizing lm facilities to China.Information fine materialsTape for fixing organic EL panel and stainless steelTape for fixing stainless steel and shielding layerBlack tapeFunctional base productsBackside protection material and base material for the flexible panelAnti-glare polarizing film (circular polarizing film)Touch sensorTransparent adhesive sheet for fixing the touch sensor and polarizing film

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