Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201824Functional materialsfor electronicsMedical/hygienicmaterialsStrong adhesion firmly holding the sensorSuperior conformability and flexibility even on curved surfacesLittle irritation to the skinSensorFunctional adhesiveBaseSkin adhesiveSkinBiosensing tapeBiosensing TapeVisible Light-Blocking Material for HUDsDirectly applied to the skin for electrocardiograms and other vital data measurements, biosensing tape material must adhere securely so that it does not slip off, yet must also be gentle on the skin.The Nitto Group possesses technologies required for both functional materials, which are used chiey in electronics applications, and medical/hygienic materials. To meet these requirements, we came up with the idea of combining highly adhesive functional materials for electronics with low-irritant medical/hygienic materials. We also chose a exible base (core) from among many materials to develop tape exclusively for biosensing, and sample work started soon after that. While verifying any issues that come up, we will continue improving the product until we can fully meet our customers’ expectations.As evidenced by rapid progress in autonomous cars, automobiles are becoming increasingly electronic, and head-up displays (HUDs) that let drivers see information on potential danger are expected to grow in demand. While HUD screens grow larger to display ever-increasing volumes of information on things like oncoming vehicles and pedestrians, solutions must be found to counteract sunlight concentration, which can cause trouble with HUD units.Having quickly anticipated such latent issues through its customer-oriented marketing activities, the Nitto Group leveraged the optical material design technology cultivated for its information ne materials in order to develop a visible light-blocking material. Offering superb heat resistance, this groundbreaking product cuts sunlight to lengthen the HUD unit’s service life. Since it can be attached directly onto the covering material, HUD units require no major design changes.Going forward, we plan to release a new product that combines a visible light-blocking material with a covering material in order to help customers to simplify their production processes.FineGreenCustomer-orientedactivities in the auto marketHUD unitOptical design technologyCovering materiallamination technologyCovering materialElectrocardiographic sensor• HUD projected image Proposals for the Future!

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