Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201830Relationship with SocietyWhile always bearing in mind the environmental impact of our business activities, we promote the wellbeing of our stakeholders by practicing CSR-based procurement, increasing customer satisfaction, ensuring the safety of our employees, and respecting human rights.Promotion of CSR-Based ProcurementWe at the Nitto Group pursue CSR-based procurement so that we can become an entity that is trusted and chosen by customers, business partners, and other stakeholders. Guided by the Basic Procurement Policy and the Action Guidelines, we make every effort to conduct procurement activities without deviating from corporate ethics or social norms. Under the belief that CSR-based procurement is something that cannot be achieved by the Nitto Group alone, but rather requires the wholehearted cooperation of every party involved in the supply chain, we ask our business partners to engage in fair and equitable trade, comply with corporate ethics and applicable laws, and show consideration for the environment in line with our CSR-Based Procurement Guidelines.In scal 2017, we started a new initiative designed to evaluate our business partners’ commitment to CSR. The CSR-Based Procurement Business Partner Check Sheet is used to assess the adequacy of new supplier candidates. We have also sent out a questionnaire to our existing business partners on the status of CSR-based management. The questionnaire was rst distributed to key business partners in Japan. The evaluation results have been fed back to the respondents so that they can improve their practices accordingly. Going forward, we plan to send out this questionnaire to a greater number of business partners at a higher frequency in order to gather even more substantial data.We will continue to periodically monitor our business partners’ efforts in this regard, thereby promoting CSR-based procurement together with them.Green ProcurementSo far, the Nitto Group has continually pursued green procurement by preferentially procuring materials with low environmental impact from environmentally conscious business partners. In scal 2017, we revised the sixth edition of the Green Procurement Standards and the Green Procurement Supplier Evaluation Checklist, which is used to When going about its business undertakings, the Nitto Group takes into account any and all social impacts that might be incurred throughout the entire value chain from procurement of raw materials to disposal. We fulll our corporate social responsibility by complying with the laws and regulations in every country and region that we operate in and by fully respecting the spirit of such legislation.Value Chain ManagementDisposalProduct supplyProductionEnvironmentallyfriendly productsGlobal warmingprevention measuresEfficient useof resourcesReductionof wasteBusiness partnersEmployeesCustomers• Reduction of environmental impact• Employee safety• Enhancement of customer satisfactionGreen procurementResponse to conict mineralsFostering safety cultureLegal complianceBan on child/forced labor, human rights promotion• Respect for human rights• Proper management of chemical substancesCustomer satisfaction surveyAssurance of product qualityEnvironmental EffortsRelationship with Society• Promotion of CSR-based procurementRaw materialsprocurementDevelopment/Design

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