Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201831evaluate environmental efforts by new supplier candidates. We also newly introduced chemSHERPA* as a survey form on chemical substances in raw materials. These initiatives are expected to help our business partners to further promote green procurement and facilitate the exchange of information on chemical substances through the supply chain.*chemSHERPA: Chemical information SHaring and Exchange under Reporting PArtnership in supply chainchemSHERPA is a scheme that facilitates sharing of information on chemicals in products that has been developed under the lead of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.Enhancement of Customer SatisfactionWe make constant efforts to identify, analyze, and reduce product-related risks in order to deliver products and services that satisfy our customers.In 2017, following the exposure of Japanese companies’ inappropriate practices involving product quality, the Nitto Group ordered all of its production sites to investigate the status of their quality management to conrm that there were no cases of legal violation.In order to prevent any logistics accidents or delayed delivery, we optimized the operational rules on exports from Japan as a way of reinforcing our global logistics management system. These operational rules are now an integral part of the Group’s training program scheme that serves as the basis for all of our training. Started in scal Introduction of the New Chemical Substance Management System SACRA*2016, the initiative to attach dashboard cameras to forklifts has been incorporated at all of our plants in Japan and has reduced the number of accidents within internal logistics services by 30% (vs. scal 2016).Thanks to these endeavors, every product and service provided by the Nitto Group is highly regarded by both customers and markets. With the aim of further improving our product quality and services, we periodically conduct customer satisfaction surveys and then feed the survey ndings back to the relevant departments.Environmental EffortsWe are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact generated by our business activities out of consideration for the environment on both a regional and global scale.Efforts for Stable Use of Renewable EnergyAt Nitto’s Tohoku Plant, a solar power generation facility with 100% self-consumption went into full-scale operation in February 2018. Equipped with storage batteries, the facility is designed to consume all of the energy that it generates within the Plant and is expected to cut CO2 emissions by approximately 600 tons per year and signicantly reduce the amount of electricity purchased, in addition to cutting peak power demands in the area during the summer months. The facility also features an autonomous power supply system, and thus will play a key role in ensuring business continuity in the event of a major power outage.Recycling Process Wastewater and Liquid Waste Using Nitto’s ProductsNitto’s Shiga Plant aims to make the transition to a “recycling-oriented green plant” that reuses process wastewater and liquid waste generated from its At the Nitto Group, a multifunctional chemical substance management system has been in use for approximately ten years to manage information on the compositions of products and raw materials and search for laws and regulations concerning chemical substances. With the rapid globalization of our business in recent years, however, it has become difcult for the system to cope with changes in chemical substance management by the Nitto Group and transformations in operating environments. Furthermore, the increase in registration data has caused various technical difculties, including unstable system operations. In an attempt to solve these problems, we have implemented SACRA, our new chemical substance management system, which has been implemented starting with Group companies in Japan since April 2018.*Smart Application for Chemical Regulation in All Nitto GroupValue Chain ManagementSolar power generation facility at Nitto’s Tohoku Plant

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