Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201832manufacturing processes. Through continual testing and validation of the technologies required for concentrating such process wastewater and liquid waste using Nitto’s membrane products, we are planning to not only increase the water recycling rate from the current 50% to 90% over the next ve years, but also to promote the reuse of such liquid waste. By utilizing our proprietary technologies, we will continue to take on the challenge of creating new water Raw materialsprocurementProductionDevelopment/DesignDisposalProduct supplyInputsOutputs–★ Organic solvents 1,509 ton–★ CO2 829,868 ton–– ★ Amount disposed 128,426 ton–( ★ Amount externally recycled 99,469 ton)––★ Amount discharged 5,862,557 m3–★ Pollutants (COD) / to public waters 8.6 ton–★ Amount recycled 926,924 m3––★ Electricity purchased 758,284 MWh–★ Steam purchased 21,707 ton–★ Diesel oil / A-type heavy oil 2,867 kL–★ LPG purchased 2,360 ton–★ Natural gas purchased 1,751,116 GJ–★ LNG purchased 45,414 ton–★ Green power consumed 32,277 MWh–★ Gasoline and kerosene purchased 18,432 GJ ––★ Amount purchased 59,919 ton–★ Amount recycled 17,875 ton–Organic solvents–★ Municipal supply water 2,974,896 m3–★ Industrial water 1,226,515 m3–★ Ground water 2,757,855 m3–WaterAtmospheric releaseWaste etc.Water dischargedEnergies• Material Flowenvironment innovations and reduce the impact of our business activities on the environment.Collection of SolventsFor about four decades, the Nitto Group has used activated carbon to absorb, collect, and recycle organic solvents contained in exhaust gases from production process at its Well waterRO systemRO pre-concentration*Activated carbon treatmentSewagedischargeProcesswastewaterManufacturing processes: Solvent recyclingNewly added owWater recycling (90%)Brine waterResiduefromdistillationPermeate waterPartial process wastewater treatmentPermeate waterManufacturingprocess waterPermeate waterDistilled waterMembranebioreactorIndustrialwasteDistillationcolumnNittoShiga PlantmanufacturingprocessesRiverdischargeRiverdischarge* RO pre-concentration: Anti-fouling and high-pressure resistance properties are required for RO (reverse osmosis) elements.• Water Supply and Drainage System Flow Chart (Goal)

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