Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201833Third-Party AssuranceIn order to enhance the reliability of its disclosed information, the Nitto Group has such information assured by a third-party organization. In this Report, environmental performance indicators marked with a ★ have been assured accordingly.Solvent recycling equipment at Nitto Belgium NVValue Chain Managementmain sites, thereby achieving efcient use of resources. In Japan, where some 70% of such solvents are used, the recycling rate within the plants is approximately 20%. We are planning to increase this recycling rate by continuing to expand the scope of collection and recycling of renewable solvents.A new solvent recycling facility was installed at Nitto Belgium NV in scal 2017 as part of our bid to roll out this initiative on a global basis.Rapid Remediation of Environmental Law Violation in ShanghaiIn response to the tightening of China’s Environmental Protection Law and the Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on Environmental Protection that has occurred since 2015, Nitto Denko (Shanghai Songjiang) Co., Ltd. introduced high-performance exhaust gas treatment equipment to remain compliant with the local environmental requirements. In March 2017, however, they were ned by the local authorities for the possible leakage of air pollutants (VOCs) into the atmosphere from windows and other openings that were not exhaust vents. They have since installed an anti-leakage system and completed the introduction of high-performance exhaust gas treatment equipment. They now boast one of the most advanced VOC control strategies within the Group.

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