Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201840On March 28, 2017, about a dozen individuals, including representatives from the MFCA Forum Taiwan Branch, paid a visit to Nitto Ibaraki Ofce. The visit not only helped them to deepen their understanding of MFCA in Japan, but also provided us with an excellent opportunity to learn about what they do in Taiwan.Supporting SportsMonetary Donations to the 2018 National Sports Festivals* in Fukui, JapanNitto Shinko Corporation donated one million yen to the 73rd National Sports Festival and 18th National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities*, which will be organized in its home prefecture of Fukui in autumn 2018. For their efforts, they received a letter of gratitude from the Fukui Prefectural Government. The donated money will be used to operate the National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities and build barrier-free infrastructures.*Japan’s largest national sports eventsThe annual National Sports Festival began in 1946, and the event for individuals with disabilities has been organized in conjunction with the Festival since 2001. Each prefecture takes turns to host these events.collect foodbank donations. Staff members were asked to donate any unwanted non-perishable food items from their kitchens, such as pasta and tinned foods, and ten boxes full of food were delivered to the Bridge Street Methodist Church in NUK’s hometown of Manseld. The Church runs a soup kitchen to help feed the homeless and less fortunate, and later sent a letter of thanks to NUK.Promotion of Education / International InteractionChildren in California Filtering WaterOn March 29, 2017, the annual Children’s Water Education Festival was held at the University of California, Irvine, which provided an opportunity for children to learn about the importance of water. Hydranautics provided ltering devices using its products. Through presentations by engineering staff members and water ltration trials, children came to know the wonders of membranes.Taiwanese Inspection Group Visits Japan to Learn about MFCAThe Nitto Group was the rst in Japan to introduce material ow cost accounting (MFCA) on a trial basis, and we have long been instrumental in spreading this management tool. As such, we welcome visitors from within Japan and abroad every year.Fukui Governor Issei Nishikawa (center) and Nitto Shinko President Yasuyuki Aizawa (right)

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