Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201841The Nitto Group engages with our stakeholders through various activities. We have developed alongside those stakeholders by establishing face-to-face relationships as much as possible, aggregating their opinions, and repeatedly feeding them back to our business activities.Procurementand businesspartnersEmployees andtheir familiesShareholders, individual and institutionalinvestorsCustomers• Supply of products• Improvement ofcustomer satisfaction• Quality control• Product safety• Use of diversity of human resources• Cultivation of human resources• Management of health and safety• Respect for human rights• Environmental conservation activities• Biodiversity conservation• Sustainable products• Return of prots • Corporate governance• Timely disclosure of information• Applications for approvals and licenses• Compliance• Research and development• Interaction with local communities• Social contributions• CSR procurement• Green procurement• PartnershipsNittoGroupLocalcommunitiesGlobalenvironmentNPOs and NGOsAdministrativeagenciesDialogue with PartnersThe CSR-Based Procurement Guidelines were established with the expectation that our business partners would follow them and, as such, we look at supply chains as a whole when approaching our CSR activities. By holding regular meetings with partners, we deepen our exchanges and seek to solidify relationships of trust.Dialogue with CustomersWe listen to customers’ requests concerning our products, services, business management, and ESG (environment, society and governance) while also providing them with information. We also undergo audits by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), which is an industry coalition dedicated to CSR in the electronics supply chain, as well as other organizations.Dialogue withShareholders and InvestorsIn following the “Policies Concerning Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders,” we reect upon the opinions shared by our shareholders and investors in shareholder meetings, company information sessions, and IR activities with management. ・ The 153rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (held on June 22, 2018) Number of participants: 481・ Dialogues with investors from Japan and abroad in FY2017Number of times held: 494 / Number of participants: 621Environmental Conservation ProgramsNitto supports activities conducted in Japan by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as a supporting member of the Japan Association for UNEP.Furthermore, as a promotion partner of the Declaration of Biodiversity by Nippon Keidanren, we always approach our business activities by giving due consideration to biodiversity.For information on other environmental conservation activities, please refer to pages 15 and 31-34.Dialogue with EmployeesAt Nitto, we established the Nitto-2018 Welfare Master Plan in order for labor and management to share their mid- and long-term visions of the company and discuss welfare programs accordingly. Management meet periodically with employee representatives to realize welfare programs that support work styles based on good work-life balance through joint efforts between labor and management.Social Action ProgramsPlease refer to pages 39 – 40.Relationships with Stakeholders

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