Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201805Our products are instrumental in improving the performance, production efciency, and environmental friendliness of forms of transportation such as automobiles, trains, and aircraft.Our products provide various solutions to improve the safety, comfort, and environmental performance of housing.We provide various products for industrial infrastructures that support people’s lifestyles.We provide a variety of material processing products, such as metallic plates.We supply components used in a variety of home electronics, including major appliances, audiovisual systems, mobile devices, and LED lights.We provide peripheral materials for high-denition displays featuring the latest technologies.We satisfy our customers’ needs with our wide-ranging products, from processing materials to peripheral materials.Our consumer products create comfortable, convenient, and innovative solutions for people’s lives.COLOCOLO®STÁLOGY® stationeryLASERGUARD® Surface protective material for laser processingCuring tape No.395NHYPERFLASH® Waterproof and airproof tapeAutomotive and Transportation EquipmentHousing and Housing EquipmentSocial InfrastructureMaterialsHome Electronics and Electronic EquipmentDisplaysElectronic DevicesMedical-Related MaterialsPackaging MaterialsConsumer ProductsSPV® Surface protective materialELECRYSTA™ Transparent conductive filmLUCIACS® Transparent double-sided adhesive tapeNITOHARD™ Reinforcing materialsTEMISH® Internal pressure regulatorSeawater desalination spiral RO membrane elementNITOHULLMAC® XG Series Outdoor anti-corrosion tapeDouble-sided rubber tapeNITTO EPTSEALER® Foam sealing materialCISFLEX® Thin-film metal baseboard with high-resolution circuitELEP HOLDER® Adhesive tape for protecting and fixing semiconductor wafersWe provide a variety of products for medical services and healthcare, from sanitary materials to nucleic acid medicine.Particles for nucleic acid synthesisXTRATA® Perme-Roll AIR® Medical hygiene materialsOur adhesive tapes and taping machine solutions respond to our customers’ various needs to play an important role in logistics.Packaging tapeCarton sealerBusiness Fields and Major Products

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