Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201807MaterialityValue Creation ProcessProcurementand businesspartnersEmployees andtheir familiesShareholders, individual and institutionalinvestorsCustomersTechnologyProductionSalesAdministrationManagementViewpoints of the Nitto GroupViewpoints of StakeholdersAbstraction of MaterialityLocalcommunitiesGlobalenvironmentNPOs and NGOsAdministrativeagenciesThe Nitto Group identies material issues according to the following processes:The Nitto Group abstracts materiality from the viewpoints of both the Nitto Group and its stakeholders. (Refer to chart to the right)The CSR committee decides items for reporting from the above material issues referring to GRI Guidelines. Important business challenges are deliberated at management conferences and incorporated into our Mid-term Management Plan.The important challenges which have been dened in each specialized division and committee obtain approval in budgetary discussions and are reected in each policy and activity plan.Abstraction of MaterialityIdentification of Material Issues in ManagementIdentification of Material Issues in Specialized fieldsIdentification of Material Issues for Reporting• Cash owFinancial CapitalGNT and ANT*2 StrategiesMarketing Sanshin-katsudo*1Support & ManagementGovernanceComplianceCultivation of human resourcesSafety and healthProcurement of raw materialsManufacturingR&D• Bases • Systems • Infrastructure • Raw materialsManufactured Capital• Technology • Intellectual property • BrandsIntellectual Capital• Leadership • Knowledge / Skills • DiversityHuman CapitalSocial and Relationship Capital• Raw materials • Energy • WaterNatural CapitalInputsOutputsSynthesis / CompoundingCoating /LaminationMulti-layeringProcessing AdhesionTechnologyCoatingTechnologyPolymerAnalysis andEvaluationTechnologyPolymerFunctionControlTechnology• Customers• Partners• Local communities• Administrative agencies• Shareholders / Investors*1 Sanshin-katsudo: Please refer to the Nitto Group Report 2016 on our website. *2 GNT: Global Niche Top® ANT: Area Niche Top®

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