Nitto Group Report 2018

Nitto Group Report 201808• Solving social issues • Customer satisfaction• New demand (business elds) • Improvement of corporate value • Human resource growth• Job creation • Tax payments • Return of protsFunctional base productsTransportationInformation ne materialsPrinted circuit boardsProcessing materialsLife sciencePolymer separation membraneProduct managementEnvironmental conservationCO2Product supplySegmentWaterdischargeOrganicsolventsIndustrialwasteOffering value in the elds of Green (environment), Clean (new energy) and Fine (life science) OutcomesGreenBasicFineClean• MaterialityInitiatives to Address MaterialityGoals/Aspirations for the FutureReferences for Action/ProgressReportsWebsitesBusiness•Propelling of growth strategies•Reinforcement of business foundations•Resource allocation: 400.0 billion yenSteadily implementing growth strategies and accelerating the creation of new project themes in the three focus domains, thereby building the foundations toward the next stage of growthPp. 9-13Pp. 19-26Management ConceptsInvestor RelationsGovernance•Appropriate disclosure and transparency•Auditing and internal control•Constructive dialogue with stakeholdersSustaining perpetual growth by maximizing corporate valueP. 13Corporate GovernanceOccupational Safety and Health•Fostering of safety culture•Maintenance and improvement of employees’ safety and healthAchieving zero accidents and injuries by having everyone contribute to the creation of workplaces in which they can work safely and in good healthP. 14Relationship with SocietyEnvironmental ManagementRecognition of the four types of risk (climate change, resource depletion, the water crisis, and decrease of biodiversity) and countermeasures against themOffering solutions to society that contribute to environmental conservation for the sake of protecting our planet for future generationsP. 15Environmental EffortsCompliance and Human RightsThorough observance of compliance and human rights enlightenmentObserving the “Nitto Group Business Conduct Guidelines” and “CSR-Based Procurement Guidelines” across entire supply chainsP. 16Corporate GovernanceRelationship with SocietyEmployment and Development of Human Resources•Labor management•Promotion of diversity•Wide-range training schemeContributing to business growth by building a solid personnel base through optimal allocation of people across the globePp. 17-18EmploymentRisk Management•Risk identication and countermeasures•Reinforcement of information security managementResponding proactively to perceived risks and ensuring business continuity by taking proper actions during emergenciesPp. 27-29Corporate GovernanceBusiness ContinuityDisaster mitigation and preparations for quick recoveryProtecting lives and fullling responsibilities for product supplyP. 29Corporate GovernanceValue Chain Management•Promotion of CSR-based procurement•Enhancement of customer satisfaction•Reduction of environmental impactEnsuring stakeholders’ wellbeing by way of product management throughout the value chainPp. 30-34Relationship with SocietyEnvironmental EffortsProcurementSocial ContributionsSupport for solutions to issues in host communitiesAchieving harmony with society and host communitiesPp. 39-40Relationship with Society

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