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Polymer Function Control Technology

Polymer Design Technology

The polymer design technique is used to obtain functional, distinct polymer materials by controlling the chemical structure of monomers via molecular design, etc.

Stretching Technology

The stretching technique is used to line up molecules in a certain order by stretching heated plastic film, enabling the alteration of film properties.

Photopolymer Technology

Photopolymer is defined as a monomer or polymer molecular system with an optical functional group, able to easily alter chemical structures using a low level of optical energy irradiation.

Controlled Release Technology

When it comes to transdermal therapeutic drugs, it is important to maintain a stable blood concentration for a long period of time.

Polymer Blend / Polymer Alloy Technologies

Polymer Blends and Alloys is a technique that synthesizes two or more polymer types to obtain new capabilities or functions that cannot be obtained with individual polymers.

Surface Modification Technology

Products with multiple features are created by adding various functions on film's surface, and creating surface to meet desired objectives.

Porosity Forming Technology

The porosity technique is used to attain foam or porosity in polymer molecules.

Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Technology

In general, organic materials offer remarkable workability, but have low thermal conductivity, low electrical conduction properties, and large coefficients of linear expansion.

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