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Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management

Risk Reduction for Occupational Safety and Health (performing a risk assessment)

Risk Assessment Flow Chart

A risk assessment is carried out with a goal of reducing risks related to occupational safety and health, and to prevent industrial accidents. It is a method of finding potential dangers or harmful elements in the workplace, and then reducing or eliminating them. Risk management and risk assessment methods are established as Group Guidelines in order to encourage a united way of thinking within the Nitto Group. These guidelines are then translated into various languages so that activities can be performed on a global scale.

Risk Reduction for Chemical Substances (performing chemical risk assessment)

Risk reduction for the handling of chemical substances is now included in our occupational safety and health risk reduction activities. A chemical risk assessment was completed in 2010 to manage risks associated with chemical substances containing reactive or toxic properties. Risk management and risk assessment methods have been established as Group Guidelines used throughout the Nitto Group.


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