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Transdermal Absorption Tape Formulations

This transdermal therapeutic system delivers drugs into the body through the skin.

Medical Devices

Introducing a new concept to wound treatment.

Wound Care Products

These products are wound dressings consisting of a thin, flexible backing, which prevents the entry of bacteria, and an adhesive containing hydrophilic colloid particles

Film Dressings

These thin, soft and transparent films cover wounds securely to prevent bacterial infection and maintain optimal treatment conditions by retaining the exudate and keeping the wound moist.

Padded Dressings

This product is gentle to the wound as well as the surrounding healthy skin.

Medical Materials

Applying top-grade adhesive technology to various products.

Surgical Tape / YU-KI BAN

Uses an anti-irritant adhesive, and are made with various base materials depending on the application, such as paper, nonwoven fabric, or plastic.

Roll-type Film Dressings

These film dressings are available in roll form, so that you can cut and use them according to the required size.

Adhesive and Autohesion Bandages

This product combines a low-irritant adhesive with base materials such as elastic or nonwoven cloth, for excellent ventilation and moisture permeability.

Tape for joint stability and fixing

The ideal taping product for intense training and exercise.

Non-elastic Taping Products

Featuring a wide range of applications for joint fixing and motion limitation, from standard protection to first-aid treatment and recurrence prevention.

Elastic Taping Products

This elastic tape is primarily used for muscle contraction or relaxation in major parts of the body,such as knees, elbows, and shoulders.

Elastic Taping Products (Hand-tearable)

This thin, hand-tearable elastic tape is a multi-purpose product, offering light pressure when attached.

Tape for muscle support

Instead of keeping joints in a fixed position, this new type of sports tape was created to protect and support the muscles themselves.

Easy taping can be done all by yourself

No help is necessary when applying this elastic tape, which can be easily fixed to knees or ankles for those who may have mobility problems in everyday situations.

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