Developed by Nitto, RAYCREA is the light control technology enabling new forms of light expression. When applied to a glass or acrylic panel with a LED at its edge, RAYCREA film guides the light from the source, making the surface glow. Possessing a range of features, RAYCREA will open up new possibilities for surface lighting.
*RAYCREA is currently under development.


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In September 2021, Nitto exhibited at Milan Design Week for the first time to present RAYCREA, the new light control technology it has been developing.


About RAYCREA Film

Q.Is light guiding and light emitting possible with other than acrylic panels?


Light guiding is also possible with glass. When laminated to float glass, there is a color shift and light attenuation compared to acrylic panels.

Q.Is it weather-resistant?


It is currently limited to indoor use.

Q.Can it be applied to curved surfaces?


Laminating on two-dimensional curved surfaces is possible.

Q.What sizes are available for sale?


The seamless film is approximately 1 meter from the light source.

About Lighting Specifications

Q.How long is the light guiding distance?


With acrylic panels, light guiding has been confirmed up to about 2 meters from the light source (the luminous effect may appear weak due to the light distribution). In addition, a film seam will occur at about 1 meter from the light source due to the manufacturing process of RAYCREA film.

Q.Can the luminescence color be changed?


It is possible to change the color of the acrylic panel by changing the color of the light source since it emits light of almost the same color as the light source.

Q.Is the brightness adjustable?


The brightness can be changed by adjusting the output of the light source.

Q.Is the light from the surface lighting uniform?


Light usually diminishes as it get far from the light source.

Q.What is the difference from other surface lighting?


Due to the characteristics of RAYCREA film, the lighting has directional properties.
It is characterized by its high transparency when the lights are off and by the directional properties of lighting.

About Introduction

Q.How much does it cost?


Please fill out the inquiry form since it is currently in a limited sales cannels.

Q.What will be the next step after the inquiry?


It varies depending on your inquiry. Please fill out the inquiry form.
Since it is during the limited sales period, Nomura Co., Ltd. will provide you with a quote and other information.


If you have any questions about RAYCREA products, please fill out the inquiry form.