“If only you could make it so that you didn’t know the tape was applied.”

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The film dressing material YUKI-BAN PERME-ROLL Lite offers exceptional thinness and fit to the skin. The comfort is as if nothing has been applied. A secret is hidden on the skin of a woman whose appearance changes.

Nitto's Innovation

Film dressing prevents water from penetrating when stabilizing a part when injured or wearing something on the body. YUKI-BAN PERME-ROLL Lite, has been added as a new product. It is thinner than the PERME-ROLL™ series film and has about one quarter of the thickness. Just as gentle to the skin as the conventional product, it conforms snugly to the irregularities of the skin and achieves comfort as if nothing has been applied. The PERME-ROLL™ series will contribute to a more care-free and abundant life for patients.


The gentleness to the skin comes from the adhesive of the XTRATA surgical tape that prevents keratin come off the skin. Since it uses a soft gel adhesive, it conforms perfectly to the fine irregularities of the skin and at the same time results in very little pain when peeled off. In addition, by reducing the thickness to one quarter that of the conventional product, it is comfortable to wear, stretches easily and offers a smooth sensation on the skin. Nitto will continue to pursue further thinness and comfort.

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