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Ultra-High-Speed, High-Capacity Communications

Plastic Optical Fiber : Connecting You to the Next Generation


As society and the market environment change dramatically with accelerating technological advances, Nitto is working to develop solutions to social issues. One such solution is the Plastic Optical Fiber (POF), which contributes to technological innovation for ultra-high-speed, high-capacity communications.


Nitto's POF is a new optical fiber developed by combining optical design technology cultivated in optical films and extrusion molding technology, etc. In contrast with electrical cables, it is lightweight and noise-resistant; compared with glass optical fiber, it is superior in terms of flexibility and processing. It is expected to be used in every possible industry.

Lightweight and Very Flexible, Allowing Installation in Narrow Spaces

In addition to it featuring high-speed transmission, our POF is both lightweight and highly flexible. This reduces the risk of disconnection due to bending, or it being stepped on, or twisted, etc. It can also be used for wiring inside narrow devices, allowing you to save on space.

Flexible (Hard to break), Space-saving (Can be laid in norrow spaces), Safe (Implementing optical technology in living spaces), Lightweight (-85% compared to electrical cables)

Active Optical Cable Utilizes the Advantages of POF

In addition to POF, Nitto has developed a unique photoelectric conversion module that integrally molds an flexible printed circuit and a polymer optical waveguide in a sheet form. This is the industry's first Active Optical Cable (AOC) combining these components. It will enable stable high-capacity data transmission, such as 4K and 8K video, over cables that are thin, light, and flexible.

Figure: Plastic Optical Fiber

Use Cases

In addition to the high connection reliability inherent to wired connections, Nitto's AOCs are both lightweight and flexible. These features will contribute to every possible situation including connecting with virtual reality (VR) and 4K/8K displays that are expected to become widespread, installation in an increasing number of data centers, and making telemedicine and automated driving a reality.

Virtual Reality, 4K / 8K Displays, Data Centers, Medical, Robotics, Satellite Broadcasting / 5G, Automotives / Aircrafts


Active Optical Cable Compatible with USB Type-C® Connector

Active Optical Cable Compatible with USB Type-C® Connector

Introducing our AOC with USB Type-C® connector that utilizes Nitto's POF, and is increasingly being adopted in a variety of devices.

Product Form

Nitto develops various types of products in unison, from materials to components and even AOCs that become the finished product. From materials to finished products, we are engaged in comprehensive product design and quality control.


Graded Index (GI) type Plastic Optical Fiber, capable of high-speed communication.


Hybrid cables containing metal wires are also available, in the form of a cladding around the fiber.

Patch Cable

A cable with an optical connector that enables it to be inserted and removed from the optical module.

Optical Module

The flexible printed circuit and polymer optical waveguide are integrally molded to achieve Nitto's unique thin structure.

Active Optical Cable

These cables are compliant with various standards, and can be connected and used with devices as they are.

Our Vision Making the Ultra-Smart Society More Accessible with "Connective Technology"
Through Optical Communications

Introducing our vision of the optical communications business for the advent of an ultra-smart society,
in which all things are connected through communication.

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