"I want to keep out water, but let the air through."

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The amazing sheet TEMISH™, allows air to pass through, but not water. The water in the cup will not spill when applying TEMISH™. Using the fact that air added inside escapes through the sheet, that creature popular to children starts to move.

Nitto's Innovation

TEMISH™ is a generic term for porous membranes made of fluoroplastic with fine pores. It is used in various applications including filter applications that shut out water and dust, letting clean air pass through, internal pressure adjustment applications to allow internal pressure escape while keeping out dust and water. From waterproof mobile phones to filters in vacuum cleaner, it is used all around us in our everyday lives.


The secret to allowing small things to pass and large things not pass is the small holes in the sheet. The fluoroplastic used in this material can be made to form micro pores by stretching it, with hundreds of millions of holes available per square centimeter. It lets air through without letting large particles such as water and dust through, and by controlling the size, you can freely control what gets through and what does not.

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