Basic Policy on Information Security


Improved information security helps to maintain the trust invested in us by our clients, and also contributes to the stability of society at large. The Nitto Group adheres to the principle of “actions based on laws and ethics,” and discharges its responsibilities to society through our information security management activities.

Standards of Conduct

  1. Information security management system
    The Nitto Group will create an information security management system, aiming for sustained improvements in information security.
  2. Risk prevention and reduction
    The Nitto Group will evaluate information-based risks, establish information security objectives, and execute planned measures to prevent and reduce the occurrence of risks.
  3. Technical measures
    The Nitto Group will implement technical measures with the aim of protecting information.
  4. Organizational measures
    The Nitto Group will promote information security measures in all areas of our business activities.
  5. Compliance with laws
    The Nitto Group will comply with all laws, restrictions, conventions, and internal standards pertaining to information security.
  6. Education
    The Nitto Group will spare no effort in the area of education, training, and public relations exercises regarding information security. We will ensure that all employees are aware of and fully understand theBasic Information Security Policy.
  7. Audits
    The Nitto Group will conduct regular information security audits, with the aim of maintaining and increasing the level of information security.