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Board of Directors


As of April 1, 2023

NameTitle (Position) Responsibilities, etc.
Hideo Takasaki Hideo Takasaki
Representative Director, President
Yosuke Miki Yosuke Miki
Director, Senior Executive Vice President
CTO General Manager of Corporate Technology Sector
Corporate technology (R&D)
Yasuhiro Iseyama Yasuhiro Iseyama
Director, Executive Vice President
CFO General Manager of Corporate Accounting & Finance Division
Accounting & finance, IR, and export control
Yoichiro Iseyama Yoichiro Furuse
Outside Director
Representative Director, Evanston Corporation
Chairman, Permira Advisers KK
Consultant, GLP Pte. Ltd.
Hachoji Takashi Takashi Hatchoji
Outside Director
Outside Director, Marubeni Corporation
Fukuda Tamio Tamio Fukuda
Outside Director
Professor Emeritus, Kyoto Institute of Technology
WONG Lai Yong Wong Lai Yong
Outside Director
First Penguin Sdn.Bhd.
(Founder, Principal Trainer and Consultant)
Sawada Michitaka Michitaka Sawada
Outside Director
Director, Chair, Kao Corporation
Outside Director, Panasonic Holdings Corporation
Outside Director, Komatsu Ltd.
Yamada Yasuhiro Yasuhiro Yamada
Outside Director

* CEO: Chief Executive Officer,
COO: Chief Operating Officer,
CTO: Chief Technology Officer,
CFO: Chief Financial Officer

Corporate Auditors

Name Title (Position) Responsibilities, etc.
Kanzaki Masami Masami Kanzaki
Corporate Auditor (full time)
Tokuyasu Shin Shin Tokuyasu
Corporate Auditor (full time)
Teranishi Masashi Masashi Teranishi
Outside Corporate Auditor
Honorary Advisor, MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Toyoda Masakazu Masakazu Toyoda
Outside Corporate Auditor
Outside Director, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Chairman and CEO, Japan Economic Foundation
Representative Director, SPACE ONE CO., LTD.
Shiraki Mitsuhide Mitsuhide Shiraki
Outside Corporate Auditor
Professor Emeritus, Waseda University
Visiting Professor, Kokushikan University

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