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Heat Adhesion Sheet FB-ML80/FB-ML4-50S/FB-ML4-50S(K)

Bonding sheet for smart cards. Strong thermoplastic adhesive sheet capable of instantaneous thermal bonding of various types of adherend, and can be preserved at room temperature.



  • Enables instantaneous bonding in seconds
  • Contains no halogen.(FB-ML80)
  • Can be preserved at room temperature for an extended period of time (6 months)


*Tape thickness excludes thickness of release liner.


Product No. Thickness
Shear strength[N/cm2] Bonding conditions
°C Time
FB-ML80 0.05 1,700 180~ 2~
FB-ML4-50S/FB-ML4-50S(K) 0.05 1,600 170~ 4~


  • * The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


  • Bonding of terminal with base card.

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