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Folding Tape NITOFOLD Z-Type and V-Type

Opens up 2 or 3 times its original length for secure attachment. No release liner is needed, and no part is disposed of.

NITOFOLD is a double sided tape with no release liner. It can be stretched to 2 times (V tape) or 3 times (Z tape) its original length during use, and folds remarkably well for end sockets, seals, etc. No solvents are used in the production of this product, making it eco-friendly.


Z tape / V tape

  • A special processing technique enables it to stretch 2 times (V tape) or 3 times (Z tape) its original length.
  • A double sided tape with no release liner.
  • Ideal for fixing one item to another, such as end sockets, etc.
  • Combines two familiar items for new functionality.


Processing technique

  • A special manufacturing process makes production of NITOFILM possible. It doesn't require a release liner, and can stretch 2 times (V-type) or 3 times (Z-type) its original length. A "zone coating" technique is used for Z tape, in which the various zones on the front and back of the tape are coated with adhesive, temporary adhesive, and a release treating agent. The "folding process" is then added for integrated production.


Z tape application examples

Features a compact design, but can stretch to 3 times its original length during use, allowing you to easily bring things together in large quantity. (Designed according to the specific needs of various industries and products.)
Roll it up  For diaper disposal
Seal it up  For wrapping gift bags,etc
Bundle  For making bouquets, For wrapping cords,etc

V tape application examples

Its unique shape enables you to fix objects to other objects in a way that is difficult with conventional tapes and double sided tapes.
Fasten  For attaching an apron
Bond to surface  For displaying posters,etc
Hang  For hanging name tags
Peel  For reusing envelopes,etc


  • If oil, moisture, dust, etc. is adhered to the sticky surface, it may not work to its full potential, so please store carefully.
  • Store away from direct sunlight, in a well-ventilated area at room temperature with normal humidity.
  • For quality and safety in various applications, please fully confirm compatibility with your products before use.
  • Long-term use under severe conditions may lead to deterioration. Once the product is delivered, please use it within the term of guarantee.

  • This data sheet provides product measurement values under certain conditions only. These values are not guaranteed in every circumstance.
  • The quality, performance, and functionality of this product will differ depending on your conditions of use. For details, please contact our products division.
  • Manufacturing of this product may be halted, or its specifications may be altered, at any time without prior notice.
  • Intellectual assets related to this text are held by Nitoms, Inc. If this text is to be used for reasons unrelated to the purpose intended by our company, please contact our products division to discuss it in advance. Unauthorized copy or reproduction of this text is strictly prohibited.

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