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Thermal Release Sheet for Electronic Component Processing REVALPHA™

Tightly adheres and can easily be peeled off just by heating; perfect for temporary fixing.

The thermal release tape "REVALPHA" is a unique adhesive tape that adheres tightly at room temperature and can easily be peeled off just by heating. The tape contributes significantly to automation/laborsaving of various electronic component manufacturing processes.


  • Adheres just like any normal adhesive tape at room temperature; can easily be peeled off when necessary by just heating.
  • Various shapes available such as in sheets, rolls and labelers.
  • Available to select temperatures for releasing.
  • Contributes to automation/laborsaving since the tape can be removed at a uniform temperature.
  • Does not damage substrates upon tape removal.

Example of changes i adhesive strength by temperatures

Electronic graph

Example of heating method

Standard condition of heating :100-120℃ × 1min.

*1 Available 120℃, 150℃ or 170℃ type.

The best heating condition of this product will differ depending on your using methods. For details, please contact our technical support or Sales Division.

 List of Nitto's hold patent (REVALPHA) (2024.March)

 Registered Patent (Japan)

・Patent No.4588021・Patent No.4671815・Patent No.4947921・Patent No.5036270・Patent No.5349803
・Patent No.5479151・Patent No.5572418・Patent No.5689336・Patent No.5700466・Patent No.5778721
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・Patent No.7224818  


Electronic structure


  • For electronic component manufacturing processes.
  • For various temporary fixing.
Electronic application

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