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FRP Sheet Material with Excellent Insulating Properties Laminated Sheet

A strong plastic sheet made by uniformly coating glass matting with resin, then heating and pressure forming it in a high-pressure, multi-level press.


  • FRP sheet material with remarkable insulating properties.


Category Conditions SL-ME SL-MP
Resin Epoxy Polyester
Base material Glass matt
Heat-registant 155℃
Breakdown phenomenon [kV/mm] A 20–25 20–25
Insulation resistance [Ω] A 1013–1015 1013–1015
Insulation resistance [Ω] D-2/100 1010–1013 109–1011
Volume resistivity [Ω cm] A 1013–1015 1013–1015
Arc resistance [sec] A 180 or more 180 or more
Comparative tracking index(CTI) A 600≦ 600≦
Tensile strength [MPa] A 130–180 100–150
Bending strength [MPa] A 250–290 230–280
Compressive strength(Vartical to layer)[MPa] A 350–400 340–390
Specific gravity A 1.9–2.1 1.9–2.1
Water absorption rate [%] D-24/23 0.1 or less 0.1 or less
Appearance change on heating A E-24/180 E-24/150
Weight loss on heating[%] A E-24/180 1.5 or less E-24/150 1.5 or less

[Extra Info]

  • * Measurements provided here are measurement value examples and are not guaranteed.


  • Insulation for heavy electrical equipment and general industrial material.

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