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Breathable Films

A breath of fresh air - Breathable films

Elastic films for diaper components have been our speciality for many years. Now, we've added yet another feature to them: Breathability for even less skin irritations. After years of development, we found a way to make our elastic films breathable without compromising their performance: With our Lite Film Perforation Technology (LFP). It is applicable to all our elastic films.



Sustainability without compromise

  • Reduction of material use
  • Saving production resources
  • No loss in film performance and comfort

Benefits & characteristics

For our customers:
  • Reliable performance: Efficient & processable on multiple converting lines
  • Optimised pattern: CD and MD, tailored pattern designs
  • High flexibility: for shape orientation, size, density and pattern design
For end consumers:
  • Breathability: even in functional parts of the diaper - less skin irritations
  • Comfort: breathability increases comfort for the wearer
  • Reliability: the perfect and comfy fit stays unchanged
  • Affordability: thinnest substrates

A new technology: Lite Film Perforation

Lite Film Perforation is a unique innovation by Mondi: The highly flexible laser system works with any substrate and film thickness - even with super thin elastic films down to 30 micron. The technology allows for highly precise, CNC-like and focussed perforation.
A new technology: Lite Film Perforation

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