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Flexoprinting for pouch films

Flexoprinting - because flexibility is key.

With flexoprinting, we can offer more flexibility and sustainability to our customers. Be it design, materials or even siliconisation - flexoprinting gives you all options imaginable to let your pouches shine.



Benefits & characteristics

  • Flexibility in design: Up to 10 colors
  • Flexibility in materials: broad variety of substrates, film thicknesses, as well as inks
  • Beneficial for partial siliconisation: offers option for reclosability: edges with adhesive plus silicone

Flexoprinting allows to

  • print on thinner films
  • reduce scrap due to on-the-fly plate change

Let your pouches shine with these features

  • Siliconisation
  • Partial siliconisation
  • Embossing
  • Pigmentation
  • Effect inks
  • HD multi-colour print
  • Over-lacquer finish
  • Perforation

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