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Cleaning Material for Wafer Chuck Table Cleaning Wafer™

The Cleaning Wafer is for removing small particles on the robot arms or chuck tables of semiconductor-manufacturing equipment.

The Cleaning Wafer, having a special cleaning layer, can remove small particles in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Down-time of tools can be drastically reduced by using the cleaning wafer, compared with the ordinal hand cleaning method. The cleaning wafer can also be used for preventive maintenance so that yield improvement can be expected.


  • The cleaning wafer has a special cleaning layer which provides excellent cleaning performance and stable transferring performance.
  • Uses a special particle removal layer that has a high elastic modulus and does not contaminate the chuck table.
  • Reduction of down-time can be expected for particle cleaning in a vacuum chamber.
  • Cleaning operation using the cleaning wafer is very simple and easy.
  • Wide range in particle size can be captured.


Item CW1000
Structure wafer_001_img_structures_EN
Total Thickness 720~900 (μm)
Surface Hardness 500Mpa (22℃)
Operation Temperature -20~50℃ ※1
Size 6inch: Oriental Flat
8/12inch: V-notch
Particle Type Si, Metal (Organic)
Particle Size 0.2μm and over (Measured Value)

※1 Please consult with us if operation temperature is higher than 50°C.


Equipment Effect
Dry Etching Stabilize cooling helium gas
Reduce maintenance time
Prober Reduce frequency of regular maintenance
Litography Reduce vacuum error
Reduce focus error
Reduce maintenance time
Ion implementation Reduce frequency of regular maintenance
Types of devices Target
Memory/Logic Dry etcher, Lithography, Stepper
Power device Stepper, Prober
Saw/Baw filter Dry etcher, Spattering
MEMS Dry etcher

Improvement of Downtime

By using CW1000, downtime can be shortened compared to normal chamber cleaning that opens to the atmosphere.
※Can extend the span of time before open atmosphere cleaning.

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