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Safety and Handling Instructions for Optical Films

This symbol indicates that disregarding these instructions may result in a fatal or serious injury to the user.
This symbol indicates that disregarding these instructions may cause property damage and risk of injury to the user.



Do not induct 20W/cm2 or more electricity to the transparent electrical film ELECRYSTA.
Doing so could cause the film to change shape or result in a fire due to the generation of heat.


There is a risk of being cut by the edge of the film. Please handle with care.

If the film is disposed of by incineration, harmful gases may be generated. Disposal should be entrusted to a licensed waste disposal operator.

These products are designed for use in ordinary LCD panels. For other applications, please consider the cautions below and undertake sufficient evaluation before use.

Because transparent electrical film ELECRYSTA is dispensed in rolls, these products can be heavy in certain instances. Be sure to use sufficient caution during transportation and handling.


  • These products are not strongly resistant to heat, water chemicals ,UV light or radiation. When utilizing our products, please take these factors into consideration and use them appropriately.
  • In an atmosphere where films are exposed to organic solvents and basic gases(especially ammonia), the optical function of the products may be lost. Please consider packaging systems and operating conditions in order to prevent deterioration of performance before using the product.
  • These products may crack or become defective if subjected to shock or bending . Please use caution when handling.
  • These products may become subject to smudging,scarring or clouding during handling. Please use caution when handling.
  • These products are affected by moisture absorption and dryness. Curling may occur when exposed to these conditions. Please give sufficient consideration to processing and usage conditions prior to using these products.

【Additional items of caution for transparent electrical film ELECRYSTA】

  • To prevent damage or blemishes, please avoid any friction with the film's surface and avoid placing the edge of the film directly on a platform in a horizontal position.
  • Please avoid any usage that involves stretching beyond 1% or more in the direction of the length of the roll.
  • Rubbing of the ITO surface with your fingers or cloth may result in a large change in surface electorical resistance.Therefore, please try to avoid friction with the film surface as much as possible.
  • Any heat treatment for these products should be done at a temperature of 140 °C or below( less than 2 hours).


  • These products should only be stored in their original package under conditions not exceeding 35°C or 85%RH.
    Our warranty period is 6 months after shipment, and is valid if products are stored under our recommended storage conditions.

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