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Basic Policy on Procurement

The Nitto Group fulfills its corporate social responsibility in procurement activities so as to be a company trusted and chosen by our stakeholders, including our customers and partners.


  • We open the door to all our partners throughout the world and create an environment that promotes fair proposals.
  • The selection of business partners is based on an impartial, fair, and comprehensive judgment that takes into account price, delivery dates, stable supply, and technology, etc. on the assumption that consideration has been given to thorough safety measures and to the environment, and that quality is assured.
  • Transactions with partners are conducted on an equal and fair basis.
  • We seek to establish true partnerships for prosperous coexistence based on trust and cooperation.

Compliance with the Law and Ethics

  • We proactively procure materials produced and distributed in an environment that respects workers’ human rights and takes the safety of the working environment into consideration. We do not approve of violations of human rights, including forced labor, child labor, or any type of discrimination.
  • We promote the procurement of materials that do not contain conflict minerals.
  • When engaging in procurement activities, we comply with the laws and regulations and social norms of the countries concerned.
  • Persons engaged in procurement activities shall act pursuant to the Action Guidelines  and the Nitto Group Business Conduct Guidelines.

Protection of the Global Environment (Green Procurement)

  • We promote the procurement of materials with less environmental loads that take resource conservation and energy saving into consideration in order to effectively use limited resources and energy, and minimize the impact on the natural environment.
  • We endeavor to identify substances contained in materials in order to prohibit and reduce the use of hazardous chemical substances and to suppress emissions.

Information Management

  • We appropriately manage information obtained through procurement activities and maintain the confidentiality thereof.

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