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Vent filter applications Punched products TEMISH™

Perform functions of waterproof and dustproof while adjusting internal pressure by micro pore.

Adjust differential pressure of housing and prevent damage while performing functions of waterproof and dustproof.


  • Available in differential pressure adjusting of parts or device such as automotive part, mobile phone, household electric appliances, OA parts, exterior equipment etc, and prevent damages of cases due to differential pressure changed. 
  • Perform functions of waterproof and dustproof and prevent pollution and water invasion inside the case while having air permeability.
  • There are various types for membrane pore size, and laminated products with various backing materials are available. Depending on the various applications, it possibly selects products from our lineup.
  • Meet user’s needs of processing by various sizes and shapes.

Application examples

Product lineup

    • ※The number of the table is excluding the double-coated tape number.

    •  Membrane material type

    • Application examples: Bottle cap, Automotive ECU etc.
      Item Thickness
      Gurley[sec] Frazier
      Water entry pressre
      S-NTF8031 0.13 5 - 100
      S-NTF810A 0.3 7 - 150
    •  Laminated general type

    • Application examples: sensor, communication device, video equipment, automotive lamp, cellular phone (simple and normal waterproof type) etc.
      Item Thickness
      Gurley[sec] Frazier
      Water entry pressure
      S-NTF1026-N06 0.1 10 - 200
      S-NTF1033-N06 0.1 (0.3) 5 7
      S-NTF1026-N01 0.35 10 - 200
      S-NTF1033-N01 0.35 (0.3) 5 7
    •  Laminated oleophobic type

    • Application examples: Shaver, cellular phone, horn, toner cartridge, ink cartridge etc.
      Item Thickness
      Gurley[sec] Frazier
      Water entry pressure
      S-NTF2122A-S06 0.2 35 - 250
      S-NTF2131A-S06 0.2 12 - 100
      S-NTF2133A-S06 0.2 4 - 30
      S-NTF2026A-N06 0.1 10 - 200
    •  Laminated black colored type 

    • Application examples: Cellular phone (simple and normal waterproof type), communication device etc.
      Item Thickness
      Gurley[sec] Frazier
      Water entry pressure
      S-NTF3026-N06 0.1 10 - 200
      S-NTF3033-N06 0.1 (0.3) 5 7

The code number

    • Packing materialBase materialFeatures
      N06Polyester net (Black)Thin, Front and back can be easily identified.
      N01Polypropylene net (White)Good workability
      S06Polyester nonwoven fabric (White)Good workability. Welding is available. Front and back identification printing type is able to be offered.

    • Double-coated tapeBase materialFeatures
      TNonwoven fabric substrateHigh adhesion, High follow-up ability
      JPET substrateEasily be handled.
  • ※ The double-coated tape uses acrylic adhesive.

Product shape

Punched product

Product type

Sheet typeReel type

Example for sheet size

Outer diameterInner diameterOuter diameterInner diameter
  • ※ Unit[㎜]
  • ※ General manufacturing tolerance +/-0.2㎜
  • ※Please contact our sales representative requesting other sizes.

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